January 8


What Are Printables and Should You Create Them?

By Penny

January 8, 2022

What are printables, because they seem to be everywhere? Printables are simply things that people buy and then print at home.


This can be something like wall art, or something simple like planner pages. People buy, or download if it's a free printable, and then print it at home.

What Are Printables?

Simply put, printables are just documents. They are pages or a creative design that people will want to use, or have at home or work.

There are many different types of printables and you can use them for professional or personal use.

Printable Planners

Planners are probably the first form of printable that springs to mind. There are many different types of planner.

Tips To Start Selling Printables

Calendar Planner

Calendar planners are a very popular form of printable.

This is something that many people use to keep their lives from descending into a chaotic mess of missed appointments among other things. Calendar planners come in many varieties including daily, weekly or monthly.

These are great for you to print out these planners to help you organize a household. You might print out one that you use just to keep on top of what appointments you have going on in your life.

Alternatively, rather than just having one planner, you can use a calendar planner at home and at the office. So you might have a dental appointment that you need to remember to get to. If it’s on your day off, you could put that on your printable home calendar.

But if it’s during work hours, then you could pencil that right into a slot and have that reminder. Many people have two or three calendar planners because their lives are divided so greatly.

They need one for personal use, one for all their work projects and one for their family, such as keeping up with the events that kids need to get to. Why not create something like a sports calendar planner or a planner for the groups that your kids are in?

It can be helpful – especially if you have more than one child – to use calendar planners to sync all the schedules in the home. You can use a calendar planner to tackle large tasks like home renovation projects, too.

You can schedule when each part of the project needs to get done. There will be room for you to write down phone numbers for contractors or handymen that you hire. You’ll have all the information that you need gathered together, which will save time and frustration.

Sometimes people use these calendar planners specifically for special events. For example, when planning a wedding. Because there’s so much to do, it can be helpful to write down what needs to be done before the wedding so that you stay on top of the multitude of tasks that have to be handled for such a big life moment.

You can use these calendars for when you’re having a baby, too. Everything that you need to get done before the birth can be organized in a calendar planner. You can also use one for after a baby’s arrival.

This would track everything that needs to get done after the birth, such as keeping track of doctor appointments and vaccines. Temporary calendar planners such as ones used for vacation or a business trip can also be created.

Project Planners

Project planners are another form of printables. These are similar to calendar planners, but can be created solely for certain projects. For example, if you’re starting a business or setting up a work project as an entrepreneur, you can use a project planner.

One of these would enable the user to be able to keep everything on track and on budget. You would know when you need to start the next phase of the project – plus, you could see at a glance if you were sticking to your goals.

Meal Planners

Meal planners are hot selling printables, too. Most people like to schedule what they’re going to eat for the week ahead of time. Using a meal planner helps to prevent people from getting ready to make a dish then realizing that they don’t have all the ingredients that they need to get this done.

You can design these planners in a variety of ways. You might put all the days of the week, which is a pretty standard design. Under the days, you would have space for the consumer to be able to write down what the meal was going to be.

Sometimes these types of printables will break the meal days down by which meal it is like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Others will also have a small area for snacks, which is helpful for anyone who has young children. The children know what the snacks are so they know what they’re allowed to have.

But it can also be helpful for when the munchies hit. You’ll know what to grab from the pantry or refrigerator without blowing your diet.

On one side of this meal planning printable, you can have space to create a grocery list. If you do this, you would make the meal planning printable so that this list could easily be separated.

This way, when it’s time to shop, the consumer simply cuts the grocery list off the menu planning printable. This makes it super easy and convenient. Though there are plain ones, usually these printables will have some kind of design.

Some of them are printed with the writing space as white while the background is either flowers or dots or some other appealing design. You might also use clip art. These can be images like flowers, bees, or kitchenware like spoons, bowls, etc.

Financial Planners

Besides meal planners, there are also financial planners that can made as printables. These financial planners are not only great for personal use, but for businesses as well. You will find that these are really useful for home budgeting.

These pages will be ones designed to let people track for weekly or monthly budgeting.
These printables can have spaces to show income as well as list expenses. This helps people be able to track where their money is being spent.

People wanting to get out of debt can use these printables. They can be designed with spaces to list who the creditor is, the total amount of the debt owed, when it’s due, the interest rate and the monthly payment.

This can be done for both variable as well as fixed bills. They can be designed with small boxes listed under the months of the year so that after every payment is made, the user can simply check a box.

These kinds of financial printables can include extras such as expenses that are paid only once a year, like vehicle taxes or home taxes. Financial planners can be used for life events as well – such as when someone needs to plan for retirement.

The planner can be dedicated to retirement savings and investing. These planners can be used for things like planning to buy a car or a house. Even for preparing for life changes, such as a marriage or an empty nest.

Diet and Fitness

Another printable that’s popular is diet and fitness. These are usually within the weight loss niche. These trackers can be designed however you like. Some people use spaces to write separate entries, such as food and exercise on one page and separate them by color.

Other designers create a page for food and a separate one for exercise. However you design it is up to you. In this printable, you’ll cover common topics like menu planning under your food section.

If you are creating diet and fitness printables, you would include exercise and under that heading, you might leave spaces for workouts. You can divide these workouts by numbers like 1, 2, 3 or by days of the week.

If you like, you can also divide them by type of workout or by the muscle group being targeted by the workout. Printables like this can be plain or decorative. Many of them have pages that include glasses of water, so they can be sure to track and check off each 8 ounce glass of water they have consumed.


Worksheets are also part of the printables niche. These worksheets can be for any topic.

Financial Planning

Some people use these to work through a problem such as with debt or finances. They’ll use a financial planning worksheet.

This worksheet might have things on it like goals, budget, and savings directed toward a need or desire. Spreadsheets are similar to trackers and usually have columns consumers can use to input their data to track progress like financial goals or to make changes in their lives, such as with diet or fitness.

Printable Templates

Printable templates are designs of whatever you decide. For example, you can design a template for making paper Halloween masks. Or you could design one featuring hearts or letters of the alphabet.

These can be created for things like household chores, for name tags, for frames and more.


Workbooks are printables, but are usually several pages or more together in one. These workbooks can be on any topic and any niche.

The most popular niches for workbooks include health like self-improvement such as creating new habits, losing weight, eating healthier, and exercise. They can also center on financial health, which would be any topic relating to money including debt relief, budgeting and investing.

Some printable workbooks are designed for relationships. These would have things on them to improve or strengthen the relationship. For example, one for intimate partners might have fill in the blanks following questions asking the consumer to write down something he or she likes about the partner.

These workbooks usually focus on how to develop a healthy relationship with the various people in a person’s life. Some workbooks are inspirational or spiritual in nature and work on helping the consumer to find peace or to bolster their faith.


Trackers are also under the category of printables. A tracker can be used for things like tracking weight loss. It can be used to track fitness goals, exercise and it can also be used for tracking the elimination of or formation of habits.

Tracking habits that derail fitness goals can lead to successful change and these printables are popular. But they can also be used to track fitness habits that help boost successful goals.

Making sure to get 10,000 steps per day is an example of this type of fitness habit. Some people use trackers for specific goals that they want to change about their bodies, such as building muscle mass or achieving a specific body fat percentage.

They can also be used for health tracking too such as making sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Some trackers are used for financial purposes. A consumer will list a debt at the top of the tracker, then list payments and extra payments that go toward paying off this debt. Or they can be used as a way to track spending habits.

Colouring Pages

Coloring pages are one of the top ten bestselling printables out today. That’s because it’s such a varied niche with a wide audience. These sheets are used by kids, teens and adults alike.

Printables in this category, such as coloring sheets sold separately or as a bundle, sell well because they have broad appeal. Coloring pages are for personal use, but they’re also used in therapeutic offices to help calm anxiety, so the audience can expand from personal use to businesses buying and using coloring sheets.

So if you were someone who created coloring sheets, and you like the idea of them being used to help someone, you could focus on making ones that are soothing. It is quite simple to create ones for little children, teens or adults.

You can also target these sheets towards a specific niche so you could make some that are designed for sports or occupations. They can be designed for any particular place in the world. You have probably seen lately that there are many printable products targeting nurses.

You can design ones with endangered animals or those based on mythical creatures. There’s no limit to what you can sell in this niche. The kinds of pages that you design are up to you.

You can create your own design or you can use a pre-made design for your pages.
Some of the popular categories for this type of printable are holidays like Christmas or Easter – or special family events such as birthdays.

Coloring pages can be created with animals or toys. They can show real life places like the ocean or a forest. These pages could feature animals or plant life that you might find in each of them, like whales or dolphins – or wildlife such as deer or bunnies.

The pages can center on one type of thing – like all the printables in your coloring pages could be in one bundle and feature birds of the world. Or, you could create pages that feature castles or fantasy worlds.

You couldn’t use a thing, character or place that’s copyrighted or trademarked such as a superhero from a movie, but you could use a generic superhero.


Scrapbooking pages are another type of popular printable.

You can create printables for baby photos. These might feature designs such as baby bottles and bibs or little baby animals. Some scrapbooking pages will have a layout design in shapes such as ovals, squares or rectangles.

These pages can center around seasons or weddings or baby showers. They can feature themes like love or special days such as Mother’s Day. The possibilities are endless.

You can create scrapbook pages that are simple designs such as a rose print background or a four leaf clover background. If you are not keen on floral designs, then you could use stars or trees or showcase the season with fall leaves.

You can use whatever you design or outsource to be designed to use as your printables. Schoolwork pages are another type of printable that sells well. These are booming in sales currently, with more parents choosing to take the homeschool or virtual education route.

They can be pages that use connect the dots to help a child learn numbers and counting. You can create pages that feature toys to count – or that have kids counting shapes.

These types of sheets can be alphabet sheets so that a child can practice his or her handwriting. Some printables have math problems to solve. Others have animals to color.

Some sheets will help with spelling or punctuation. They can teach colors or time and hundreds of other things that children commonly learn. All you would need to do is to look at what kids are learning at what age and set up printables targeted towards that age group.

Parents and teachers alike buy and use printables for kids’ schoolwork and instruction.

Wall Art

Wall art is one area under printables that can house so many different designs and themes.

These can be created for any room of the home or college dorm room. You can also create wall art for outdoor living spaces. Some types of printables under this heading could be ones that focus on phrases.

These can be simple phrases like “Keep Dreaming” or “I love you” or you can create ones that use longer sentences. Wall art printables can be made with initials surrounded by designs like flowers or other designs.

Using last names and “established in” followed by a date are popular wall art printables.
Welcome signs and “Home Sweet Home” are a type of popular wall art printable. First names of family members are popular wall art décor, too – especially in children’s rooms.

So are things that pertain to stuff like coffee or cooking or pets. Family sayings and designs are a big seller in wall art printables. You can create ones that are made of abstracts or flower patterns.

They can be created with seasons in mind. For example, you could have a wall art printable with a pumpkin design on it and the words “Pumpkin Patch Ahead.” You can do the same for Christmas themed wall art like images of Santa or reindeer or snowmen with or without phrases.

Wall art printables can also be images that you design or buy to use as printable art work.


Journals and journal pages are also a type of printable. These can be created with a variety of designs like hearts, flowers, or other cute images.

What some people do is alternate lined pages with pages that have a quote or uplifting phrase on one part of the page. These are often designed with boxes. So you might have two square spaces at the top of a page to write in along with a rectangular box at the bottom.

It all depends on how the journal is set up. Some people sell journal page packages as refills to go along with a perpetual journal.


Stickers are a form of printables that people enjoy buying.

You can create these using stock art, self-designing them and more. The stickers can be phrases, statements, colors, animals, angels, butterflies, hearts, books or whatever it is that you want to create. Stickers can target a specific audience or be set up for broad appeal.

Some entrepreneurs design and sell sticker pages separately while others sell them in conjunction with things like journals.


Invitations are another type of printable that can be used to make money.

You can create invitations for a variety of events. You can create some for birthday celebrations, for a baby shower or for a wedding or wedding anniversary. They can be created for holiday parties, retirement parties and more.


Stationery is another form of printable people love. These can be designed however you like. You might create simple, lined pages or, you can create pages that have designs like flowers, fruit, rainbows, whimsical creatures, animals and more.

You can use bright, bold colors or soft, pastel ones. If you love stationery, you can also design it for specific holidays or events so you always have seasonal stationery!


Checklists are another type of printable. Again, you can use these for personal or professional needs.

Consumers use checklists for help remembering all the things that need to be done. These might be for events like a wedding. Or in business, it could be a checklist for a product launch.

Consumers use checklists for help remembering all the things that need to be done. These might be for events like a wedding. Or in business, it could be a checklist for a product launch.

Added Challenges in Printables

Challenges are also a good thing to add with these kinds of printables. Pages like this might have specific timelines written across the top. For example, you could have something like a 30 day exercise challenge or a 100 day exercise challenge.

You would leave a space for the user to write down what their goal was for the challenge. Then you would list exercises and a time or rep count for each exercise. Each day, the challenge gets harder – pushes them more.

Someone starting with 15 seconds of doing squats and then adding 5 seconds per day is one way it could be done. You would want to include things like rest days in the printable, too.

How Does the Consumer Use Printables

Printables are easy to use because you just print them at home . They are in a digital format and so must be able to be opened and printed by the consumer or customer. This means that the person downloading the printable must have a printer.

Could You Create Printables?

Now that you have a better understanding of what printables are, could you create them? Can you see yourself doing this to make some money. Or you might want to create printables for yourself to use at home.

What printables do you love? Let us know in the comments box.

Penny xx


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