February 17


Tips To Start Selling Printables

By Penny

February 17, 2022

Now that you have starting designing and creating them, how do you go about selling printables?


Making great printables is not enough to make your printables sell.

Start Selling Your Printable in the Listing

When you create your listings, explain the value of your printable.

“Here’s a planner” doesn’t connect with people nearly as much as “Tired of chaos?”

What you want to do is show the potential customer why they need the printable that you’re selling.

If you can’t think of a reason why, then neither will the audience.

Good Customer Service

The kind of customer service you offer matters right from the start. Be honest and transparent, even if you make a mistake. Bad customer service is one of the printable mistakes you want to avoid when you start creating your own products.

Some people who start selling printables offer a money back guarantee. Whether or not you do so depends on what you prefer. You may have customers who download the product to use it then want their money back.

That’s wrong, but it’s not worth getting into a hassle with one or two people who try to take advantage of others. Usually, it’s only one or two people who’ll come back and ask for a refund.

If that happens, you’re better off biting your tongue and just refunding them. Unless you see that this person does the same across your other printable products as well. If you have multiple people asking for refunds, check your product quality.

Be Helpful

Always answer questions, even if they’re redundant. A happy buyer can bring other people to the platform. Try to cultivate positive reviews. You can’t make people leave a review, but you can ask them.

You can’t offer a discount to those who leave a review because that’s not ethical and some platforms frown on that behaviour. You can also ask for testimonials if someone has used your product and found it helpful.

To get a testimonial, you just look in the review comments and if you see one that’s particularly nice, you can ask the customer if he or she would mind giving you a testimonial.

A Picture Paints ....

Another strategy that helps printables sell well are the use of photos. It’s easier for a customer to find visual appeal in a printed product. So use clear, simple, isolated photos.

Don’t have a lot of stuff in the background. You are trying to sell a perfect version of life and clutter definitely does not belong there!

Easy to Buy

This sounds like a no brainer, but make sure your customers can actually buy your products easily. You are going to have a hard time selling printables if your potential customers struggle to buy them.

Make sure that it’s easy for the customer to check out on whatever site you’re using. If you’re selling on an established platform, this step should be taken care of for you.

But if you’ve uploaded printables on your own site, then make sure that your shopping cart software is customer friendly and offer several payment options.

Different Options

When it comes to printables, you want to give the customers options.

This will help your products sell well. Under options, size is one of them. You want to appeal to as many different people as you can. That means that your product should come in standard size, but should also be offered in smaller sizes.

For example, while many people like a full sized printable journal, others prefer ones that fit more easily into a pocket or a purse. 

Another good strategy is to offer choices in colour as well as lined and unlined pages.

You will find that selling printables is easier when you have a lot of choice around the same printable.

Brand Yourself!

A smart way to succeed in this business is to make sure that your printables can branch out. For example, something that several printable sellers have done is they’ve turned their printables into a brand.

This is a good strategy because once people invest in a particular planner that they love, they’ll keep using it. This can make your product one that’s evergreen. What you can do is offer extras for your brand like inserts, stickers etc., as part of your printable line up.

You can sell single sheets at a time or bundled sheets. You can also create customizable printables as part of your strategy. This is done when you offer customers the opportunity to have a phrase of their choosing done in colors that they choose.

You create the design for them, and they print it out. With this type of transaction, you would want to get paid up front and usually offer no refunds as long as the quality is good - unless the created product is something you think others might buy.

Make the Most of the Holidays

Another strategy when it comes to selling well is to always remember the holidays. You want to release special printables around holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and any other special day that you can think of.

Start an Email List

Create an email list your customers can sign up to. You can send them notices about upcoming printables and sales you’re launching. A final strategy is, after every sale, you need to make sure you practice email marketing follow up.

This can be a quick email to the buyer thanking them for their purchase, but adding a note that says “I noticed you purchased ABC. You might also be interested in DEF.” You can’t send an email though if the customer hasn’t signed up and agreed to let you email them about future opportunities.

No matter what type of printable you decide you’re interested in making, one thing is true all across the board. In order for you to make money with printables, you have to know how to get them in front of customers.

Penny xx


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