February 8


How Do You Create Digital Printables?

By Penny

February 8, 2022

Many people like printables. But you’ll also find that some people prefer digital printables instead. Printables don't have to be all about paper! So maybe you should consider taking your printables into the digital realm too.


What Are Digital Printables?

There is a market for digital printables and you don’t want to leave this market untapped - not when creating this as part of your business can make money as well.

A digital printable is something that can be used digitally, it doesn't have to be printed out onto paper to be used.

You can still choose a niche for printables - even if they are digital not paper. Digital printables work really well when they are niched down.

What About a Digital Planner

A digital product can be something like a fillable PDF. These planners are used in conjunction with apps that people use for making notes. Some of the popular ones to use with digital planners are GoodNotes or Noteshelf.

Is It Beneficial Going Digital?

There are plenty of benefits to selling digital products under printables because the customer base is a dedicated one. They already know they love this type of product.

You can present these as great to use for people who don’t like a mess!

Unlike printed products, there’s nothing lying around, and no paperwork to print off or keep up with. It also helps them have access on the go.

Convenient and Constant Access

Products that are digital are pretty convenient.

Those who use them only need to have their phone or other device in order to be able to get to their item. Another selling point for these is that they’re less likely to get lost or misplaced, since they’re digital.

Plus, users can sync the product across their multiple electronic devices. For example, if they have a digital planner, they can access that on their iPhone as well as on their laptop.

Free Digital Printables

People love free things and digital printables work really well as free gifts. They are easy to make, easy to package and easy to distribute.

Plus, they have the benefit of being customisable. So, if the recipient doesn't like your colour scheme they can easily change it.

Just be careful that you spell out what the user can, and can't, do with it. You don't want to see your free printables on etsy being sold by someone else!

Scrapbooking in the Digital Age

Probably one of the best traditional printed material that translates well to digital is scrapbooking.

Do you use any digital printables? Let us know in the comments!

Penny xx

How to create digital printables

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