June 9


Brainstorm Your Printable Products

By Penny

June 9, 2022

Creating a plan for your business is essential for any entrepreneur. Before you start your brand, you need to brainstorm your printable products.


Doing this upfront will save you time and heartache later down the line.

Focus on Printable Products

Opening an online store where you can sell your own printable products, is certainly possible. You could sell digital products like digital planners or digital stickers, or things that people buy digitally and then print at home. When you are just starting out, you are better to focus on one or the other. You can diversify later.

One of the many reasons people choose to sell printable products is due to the wide variety of printable options available.

Types of Printable Products

There are many, many, types of printable products for you to initially choose. Printables can be things like:

  • To-do lists.
  • Wedding planning.
  • Budgeting.
  • Event planning.
  • Planning for families.
  • Meal planning.
  • Many other planning needs.

You can also create specific pages for calendars, planners, and journals. If you can design a piece of paper to be a useful product, you can sell it as a printable.

You can even sell printable stickers for customers to use in their journals and planners.

Themed or Blank

You have a choice when you make a printable to sell. You can make it themed and more structured, with detailed design and layouts. Or you can choose to make it blank, leaving the details up to anyone who purchases them.

Choose Your Style and Type

The best way to brainstorm your printable products is to spend time on Etsy. Don’t copy anyone’s style, but research what you like and what you think you could (easily) create yourself.

One Off or Series

You might have a great idea for a printable, but it will be a one off. Or you might decide to do something as a series. Whichever you choose, you need to plan ahead. Think that you might want to add other products to your store.

Let’s say your first product is going to be a meal planner. You could create a blank meal planner. Then you could create a themed meal planner - let’s say a food themed one. Then a different themed planner. They would all be fine in one shop.

Brainstorm Your Printable Products

You could then create different planners for around the home. A kitchen inventory list say. And that would work in your shop because it is around the same idea - planning and organising your home. So that is how you could expand your shop.

Who Are You Selling To?

Once you figure out what kind of printables you want to sell, you can focus on the lens you use for your target audience.

Choosing a specific category for printables will allow you to narrow down your audience and focus on people who will desire your products. That doesn’t mean you can’t later branch out into more options, but you want to have a starting point in mind.

Penny xx


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