February 13


What Type of Low Content Books do You Want to Create?

By Penny

February 13, 2022

If you are wanting to start publishing, the first thing you need to consider is what type of low content books do you want to create.


Low content books are generally paperback books with a pretty cover, and an interior that is blank or nearly blank. I.e. they don't have much content. There are many different types of books, and you have the choice of publishing books for yourself or books to sell.

If this is your first book, choose the type of low content books that you already have an interest in. There is no point producing a self help journal if you have no idea how to use one. So publish what you know when you start out.


Lots of people around the world write in a journal. People love to take time for themselves to write and reflect on thoughts, feelings and life experiences.

Journaling is fun and only needs basic supplies but can be used to heal, celebrate, grieve, plan goals and future success. The list is endless.

Types of Journal

As there are so many uses for journals, so there are many different types of journal you could create.

They are normally either blank journals or those with prompts. These can be motivational or inspirational words or phrases.

You then design the type of journal that you want to create.


Planners are very popular and it is great to be able to customise a planner for yourself too.

You need to thoroughly plan the planner before you start creating it though. I'm sure you have used a planner or calendar yourself, so consider what you liked and disliked about them.


Notebooks are fairly self explanatory! I started creating a few blank notebooks to learn how to publish low content books. I had no expectation that they would sell, it was just an easy style of book to learn the process.

However, I am a bit of a notebook-aholic! I do love creating notebooks for myself.

Themed notebooks sell better than a normal 'pretty' notebook so these can work well in select niches.

Puzzle Book

Many people assume that all puzzle books sell but this is not strictly true. Many people publish sudoku books as they are quite easy to produce. There are so many for sale that they won't all sell.

However, if you do your research then puzzle books can sell well.

Colouring Book

If you are artistically inclined then you may be considering creating colouring books.

These are fun to create but again you need to make your books different from the norm.

Children's Book

There are many different types of kids book which are generally either educational or fun (or both!)

Select a Type of Low Content Books and Just Start

Before you get stuck trying to make a decision, just pick one! If you want to quickly learn the process of creating and publishing a book, I suggest you start with a notebook. Check out my tutorial for creating a notebook.

Once you know the type of low content book that you are going to create, then you need to investigate the low content book niches.

Penny xx


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