October 27


Choose Your Low Content Book Theme

By Penny

October 27, 2022

Now that you have decided what type of book you want to create, you need to select your low content book theme.


And by that I mean the niche or idea behind the book you want to publish.

Low Content Book Theme & Type Together

So if you have decided that you want to publish a notebook, think about who, or what it is for.

It could be a seasonal theme like Halloween or Christmas.

It could be for a type of person like dad, sister, son, or daughter.

Or it could be for people with a love of a particular hobby like pets, yoga, climbing, or travel.

Another good group to focus your low content book on is those with a particular problem like lack of sleep.

Niche Your Theme Down

If possible, niche your book down to the lowest level.

Yes, you will be reducing your audience. But you will be putting your book squarely in front of the people who are actually looking for it.

So rather than a Halloween notebook, what about a notebook for Halloween witches, or Halloween notebook for kids.

What about a planner for scary halloween costumes ideas for adults?

All Books Should Have a Theme

Any type of book that you are creating should have a theme. This means it will look more appealing compared to the generic books.

If you are creating a word search book which do you think would sell better> A general word search book or a themed word search book like this Halloween Word Search book?

Remember the Holidays

I have found that Christmas books tend to sell well.

But don't forget that at Christmas people are also searching for gifts.

Themed planners, logbooks and notebooks can make great gifts too.

You will definitely need to plan ahead with these. Consider that people may start looking for their gifts in November so make sure you have uploaded them to KDP in plenty of time.

Seasonal and Evergreen

Even if you don't get a book uploaded as early as you like, just remember that there will be a Christmas next year too. So unless it is super specific for now, if your book will sell this year then it will probably sell next year too.

Consider books like a gin and tonic logbook as part of the gift in a gin hamper. Or a travel planner for the couple who are taking a big trip next year.

Check out What is Selling

Check the best seller lists to check what books are selling. But bear in mind that these books are selling now.

You need to spend the time creating it, uploading it then waiting for it to be found by your prospective customers.

And always remember, don't copy other peoples books.


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