October 14


How To Make A Digital Scrapbook With Powerpoint

By Penny

October 14, 2022

You can easily learn how to make a digital scrapbook, and powerpoint is a simple tool to use if you already have it.


Let's start to create a digital scrapbook page using powerpoint.

You can create a digital scrapbook that includes photos, videos, text, and other media just by using PowerPoint. Plus, you can add captions, titles, and other graphics.

Start by Creating a New Presentation

The first thing that you need to do is to create a new presentation in the size that you need.

If you are going to print it out, use A4, but any size works if you want a digital file only.

Click File > New Presentation.

You'll see a blank slide show. 

Design > Slide Size > Custom Size and choose the size.

How to make a digital scrapbook in powerpoint

You can even cheat and use the Designer to give you a nice background.

How to make a digital scrapbook design

Add slides using the Insert tab. 

Choose a Theme

Decide on the look and feel of your digital scrapbook. Do you want a vintage feel or something bright, modern, and colourful.

Sometimes a season theme will work. Think snowy theme with drinks of hot chocolate. Summery and autumnal themes work well depending on your images.

Add Your Photos or Images

Drag images, shapes, and text boxes onto the slide. Add your photos and other images.

Finally the Text

Don't forget to add your words.

When you look back at your digital scrapbook, you will love looking at the pictures but you will need the words to remind you of the occasion.

How to make a digital scrapbook final

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